Things to Do in Long Beach Island: Your Complete Activity Checklist

      Long Beach Island Adventures: Get to Know the Best Things to Do in Long Beach Island!

      Nestled along the eastern seaboard of New Jersey, Long Beach Island (L.B.I.) is a cherished destination that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich history, and many activities for visitors of all ages. This article delves into the top five things to do in Long Beach Island, providing an extensive guide to ensure you make the most of your visit.

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      The Beauty of L.B.I. Beaches

      Long Beach Island is renowned for its pristine beaches stretching 18 miles along the Atlantic Ocean. The island is divided into several communities, each offering a unique beach experience. From the lively beach scenes in Beach Haven to the tranquil, family-friendly shores of Harvey Cedars, L.B.I.’s beaches cater to all preferences.

      Activities to Enjoy

      Swimming and Sunbathing

      The white sand and gentle waves make L.B.I. an ideal spot for swimming and sunbathing. Lifeguards are stationed at many beaches, ensuring safety for all visitors.

      Surfing and Paddleboarding

      L.B.I.’s consistent waves attract surfers from all over. Beginners can take lessons from local surf schools, while experienced surfers can ride the waves at popular spots like Surf City. Paddleboarding is another popular activity, offering a serene way to explore the coastline.

      Beach Games and Picnics

      Families can enjoy various beach games like volleyball, frisbee, and paddleball. Picnic areas and pavilions provide perfect spots for a beachside meal. Shell Collecting and Beachcombing: The beaches of L.B.I. are great for shell collecting, with various shells and marine treasures waiting to be discovered.


      Explore the Barnegat Lighthouse State Park

      The Barnegat Lighthouse, affectionately known as “Old Barney,” is one of L.B.I.’s most iconic landmarks. Located at the island’s northern tip in Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, this historic lighthouse has guided sailors since 1859. Standing at 172 feet, it offers breathtaking views of the island and the surrounding waters.

      Climb the Lighthouse

      Visitors can ascend the 217 steps to the top of the lighthouse for a small fee. The panoramic view is worth the effort, offering a unique LBI and the Atlantic Ocean perspective.

      Fishing and Picnicking

      The park’s bayfront area is famous for fishing and crabbing. Picnic tables and grills are available for a relaxing meal with a view.

      Educational Programs

      The Barnegat Lighthouse Interpretive Center offers educational programs and exhibits on the lighthouse’s history and the local maritime heritage.

      Discover the Island’s Rich History

      The Long Beach Island Historical Museum

      Located in Beach Haven, the Long Beach Island Historical Museum is a must-visit for documentation lovers. Housed in a former church building dating back to the 1800s, the museum showcases the island’s history through artifacts, photographs, and exhibits.


      The museum covers various aspects of LBI’s history, from its early Native American inhabitants to its development as a popular seaside resort. Highlights include vintage photographs, shipwreck artifacts, and memorabilia from the island’s heyday in the 19th and 20th centuries.

      Events and Programs

      The museum hosts various events, including lectures, guided tours, and educational programs for children. These events provide deeper insights into the island’s past and cultural heritage.

      The Tuckerton Seaport & Baymen’s Museum

      Just a short drive from LBI, the Tuckerton Seaport & Baymen’s Museum offers a fascinating look at the Jersey Shore’s maritime history and traditions. This working maritime village features historic buildings, exhibits, and interactive displays.

      Historic Buildings and Exhibits

      The seaport’s buildings, including a lighthouse, a boatworks, and a decoy carving shop, recreate the lives and works of the area’s baymen and maritime workers. Exhibits cover boat building, commercial fishing, and the local oyster industry.

      Indulge in the Local Cuisine

      Seafood Delights

      L.B.I. is a seafood lover’s paradise, offering a bounty of fresh, locally caught seafood. From casual beachside shacks to fine-dining restaurants, the island’s culinary setting caters to all tastes and budgets.

      Crab and Clam Shacks

      Enjoy fresh crab, clams, and other seafood at iconic spots like The Clam Bar at Beach Haven and Black Whale Bar & Fish House. These casual eateries are perfect for a relaxed meal with family and friends.

      Fine Dining

      For a more elegant dining experience, visit restaurants like The Gables in Beach Haven, which offers gourmet dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. The Blue Water Cafe and Stefano’s Seafood & Pasta are popular choices.

      Ice Cream and Treats

      Only visit to L.B.I. is complete with indulging in some sweet treats. Must-visit spots include The Show Place Ice Cream Parlour, Skipper Dipper, and Barry’s Do Me. A Flavor, which offers a variety of ice cream flavors and other desserts.

      Farmers’ Markets and Local Produce

      L.B.I.’s farmers’ markets are great places to sample fresh, local produce and artisanal goods—the L.B.I. Arts & Crafts Show and the Viking Village Farmers’ Market are popular destinations for locally grown fruits and vegetables, homespun baked goods, and handcrafted items.

      Enjoy Outdoor Activities and Adventures

      Water Sports and Boating

      With its extensive coastline and bay areas, L.B.I. is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Whether you like the thrill of surfing or the tranquility of sailing, the island offers many activities.

      Kayaking and Paddleboarding: Explore Barnegat Bay’s calm waters by kayak or paddleboard. Rental shops and guided tours are available, making getting out on the water easy.

      Jet Skiing and Parasailing: Try jet skiing or parasailing for a more adrenaline-fueled adventure. Several companies offer rentals and guided excursions, providing an exciting way to experience the island’s waters.

      Fishing and Boating: L.B.I. is a popular recreational and sport fishing destination. Charter a fishing boat or meet a guided fishing trip to catch species like striped bass, fluke, and bluefish. Boat rentals are also available for those who prefer to explore independently.

      Biking and Hiking

      L.B.I.’s flat realm and scenic roads make it a perfect destination for biking and hiking. Bring your bike or rent one from a local shop to explore the island at your own pace.

      Bike Trails: The island’s main road, Long Beach Boulevard, features a designated bike lane that runs the island’s length. Side streets and quieter neighborhoods offer additional biking routes.

      Nature Trails: Besides Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, L.B.I. has several other parks and nature reserves with hiking trails. The Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge and the Holgate Wildlife Refuge are excellent spots for nature walks and birdwatching.

      Mini Golf and Family Fun

      L.B.I. is known for its family-friendly attractions, including various mini golf courses. These whimsical, themed courses are a hit with kids and elders alike and offer a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening.

      Fantasy Island Amusement Park: Located in Beach Haven, Fantasy Island is a family favorite. It highlights rides, games, and attractions for all ages, including a classic carousel, a Ferris wheel, arcade games, and a mini golf course.

      Thundering Surf Waterpark: Also in Beach Haven, Thundering Surf Waterpark is a great place to cool off on a hot day. The park features water slides, a lazy river, and a splash park for younger children.

      Long Beach Island is a destination that truly has it all. From its impressive beaches and rich history to its vibrant culinary scene and outdoor adventures, L.B.I. offers diverse activities that cater to every interest.

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