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      Hilton Head Island has outstanding options for learning from preschool through college. There are almost 19,000 students enrolled in the 30 public schools that make up the Beaufort County School District in the heart of South Carolina’s Lowcountry. There are also a lot of private schooling opportunities to consider. Also, the area is home to several prestigious educational institutions. Hilton Head Island’s educational institutions offer top-notch instruction to all students. It equips them with the information, practice, and accountability necessary to thrive in today’s interconnected, multicultural world. Hilton Head Island is home to a collaborative community of educators, parents, and students, all working to improve the quality of education available there. Each school also has its own School Improvement Council made up of parents and teachers that act as an advisory board to the principal on school improvement matters. Schools in Hilton Head Island offer a top-notch education in a culturally rich setting.

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      Public Schools on Hilton Head Island

      Here is a list of some of Hilton Head Island Public Schools from preschool to High School:

      Hilton Head Island Early Childhood Center: one of four educational facilities in the Beaufort County School District, which is located on Hilton Head Island. Two special education classes, one for preschoolers and one for kindergartners, are available at this school. The Hilton Head Island Early Childhood Center aims to provide a setting where young children can learn to become independent, inquisitive, and creative thinkers through play and inquiry.

      Hilton Head Island Elementary School: The institute provides a multicultural student body in Grades 1 through 5, providing them with a specialized education to help them succeed in school and life.

      Hilton Head High School: an International Baccalaureate Global School that provides two I.B. programs to its students and the surrounding community. The goal is to give each student a stimulating and challenging learning experience. Those who have completed eighth grade at Hilton Head Island Middle School or one of the four private schools on or around Hilton Head Island send their students to Hilton Head Island High School.


      Specialized Schools

      Here is a list of institutions that focuses on the area of study with specific coursework:

      Hilton Head Flight School: if you’re interested in learning to fly in ideally kept aircraft equipped with the latest avionics. Hilton Head Flight School teaches others about flying and safety and welcomes anyone interested.

      Junior Players Golf Academy: This school helps young golfers develop the skills they’ll need to win national tournaments and earn scholarships to college. The J.P.G.A. aims to motivate students to commit to their athletic development over the long term, integrating all facets of training into a coherent and effective strategy for becoming the most outstanding athlete they can be.

      Arts Center of Coastal Carolina: a non-profit, community-based theater that offers the region’s rural residents access to world-class artistic performances and exhibitions. Workshops and Artists-in-Education institutes in visual and performing arts are all part of the Education Department’s repertoire, allowing for creating one-of-a-kind educational opportunities for both young people and adults in the community, both on-site and off.


      Hilton Head Island offers plenty of schools for you or your kids. Visit if you want to know more schools available in the area.