Rio Rico, AZ Crime Rate

      Debunking Rio Rico, AZ Crime Rate

      Rio Rico is a mixed industrial and residential district in southern Arizona. It is an excellent place to live, especially for professionals, due to easy access to the business hub and Nogales. It is also a perfect option for families, as many residents report feeling secure and have not experienced any significant danger. Based on a poll conducted by, 58% of 19 respondents identify the area as “Very safe. There is really no crime to speak of.” The Rio Rico, AZ, crime rate is evidence that it is a relatively safe place to live. According to NeighborhoodScout, the chances of becoming a victim of violent crime is 1 in 1,712 vs. 1 in 204 for Arizona. Property crime like theft or arson is at 1 in 239, significantly lower than the state’s 1 in 41. For a national comparison, ranked Rio Rico’s violent crime rate at 20.1 (U.S. average is 22.7) and the property crime rate at 40.5 (U.S. average is 35.4). As always, take precautions and be aware of one’s surroundings to remain safe and sound.


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      What Can be Done to Reduce Rio Rico, AZ Crime Rate

      Reducing Rio Rico, AZ, crime rate and preventing injuries are shared responsibilities between law enforcement agencies, government organizations, and individual residents. Here are some strategies and local resources that citizens can refer to as needed:

      Tips for preventing crime:

      1. When going to bed or leaving the house, lock all the doors and windows securely.
      2. Set up a security system with alarms and cameras.
      3. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings, especially in unfamiliar areas or at night.
      4. Avoid dark alleys and dimly lit streets and remain in well-lit places.
      5. Be sure to leave the area if anything makes you feel uncomfortable.
      6. Inform the police or community watch organization of any suspicious activity in your area.

      Local resources:

      Nogales Police Department
      Phone: +1 520-287-9111

      Santa Cruz County Sheriff
      Sheriff’s Office: (520) 761-7869
      Detention Center: (520) 761-7875
      Emergencies: 9-1-1

      Arizona Department of Public Safety
      Phone: 602-223-2000

      U.S. Border Protection and Border Control
      Phone: 1-877-CBP-5511 (877-227-5511)
      Phone: +1-202-325-8000 (outside the U.S.)


      A Growing Community with a Promising Future

      Rio Rico boasts majestic views of the Santa Cruz Valley, warm weather, and a diverse population. Its location plays a huge advantage in providing the residents with a wide range of amenities and opportunities. It is just a short drive away from the Mexican border and the city of Tucson, strengthening its contribution to the large trade industries. The community has experienced a surge in economic growth in recent years, with new businesses and industries rising all over the area. This development is followed by a thriving job market, giving away ample opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurs. Its strategic location and focus on innovation led to its financial success. Despite the rapid advancement, it managed to maintain a small-town feel, with friendly neighbors and a strong sense of civic pride.


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