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      Pumpkin Patch Jobs: Overview

      Many well-known traditional American autumn festival foods, such as pumpkins, cranberries, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and corn (maize), are native to the New World. Before Christopher Columbus arrived, the indigenous peoples of the New World had been eating these foods for thousands of years and produced Pumpkin Patch Jobs. Still, as soon as the European immigrants arrived, they started incorporating these native crops into their diets. The settlers developed new techniques for cooking and serving and growing and eating these fresh meals. As a result, pumpkins were raised and consumed natively and turned into things like pumpkin pies and jack-o-lanterns. Native to the New World, the pumpkin was one of the crops produced by the Indians. The pumpkin was one of the “three sisters” of crops, along with corn and beans, made by the Iroquois in the northeastern United States.


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      The Origin of Halloween Pumpkins

      The Irish holiday Samhain is where Jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin carvings first appeared. The festival welcomed the winter’s gloom to the summer’s harvest. Folktales passed down from one generation to the following related tales of gloomy fairy spirits that traveled and established into houses and homes. People in the town would carve faces into turnips and place lights inside to warn these fairies not to enter their homes. While pumpkins are very different from a typical turnip, they were easier to obtain for early Irish immigrants to America in the middle of the nineteenth century. Western Chief recently had a day at Mosby Farms, one of our neighborhood pumpkin patches. By the time we left, we were even amazed at how muddy our boots were! The ideal location for some shots of our fantastic rain boots doing what they do best—keeping your feet dry, warm, and free of mud—was a pumpkin farm.


      Rich History of Pumpkin Patch

      Believe it or not, the term “pumpkin” originates from the Greek phrase for “large melon.” Still, the giant fruit was domesticated by Native Americans in North America for thousands of years before the pilgrims also discovered they were beautiful and created pumpkin pie. You could even say that apple pie is more American than pumpkin pie. The best places are pumpkin patches. Some places provide amazing attractions like hayrides, corn mazes, petting zoos, as well as craft studios in addition to the opportunity to harvest pumpkins right from the vine. Everyone will find this family event exciting this season. Exactly when and why pumpkin patches initially appeared is difficult to pinpoint. In order to capitalize on the fall enthusiasm, it appears that the first pumpkin patch was established by a cunning farmer who realized that pumpkin would be one of his final harvests before the winter. Since that brilliant pioneer paved the way for autumnal entertainment, a trend for it has swept the United States.


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