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      Discover Longfellow Oakland Neighborhood

      Located in Oakland, California, Longfellow is a bustling residential community that provides all the amenities of a modern city without sacrificing any of its small-town charm. Longfellow, which was traditionally an Italian neighborhood, has developed into one of Oakland’s most welcoming and culturally diverse neighborhoods in recent decades. Managed by its own homeowners’ association, the neighborhood’s sense of community is evident through active involvement in thematic concerns such as business outreach, security, transit, environmental protection, greening, and cultural events. Longfellow’s convenient placement next to two major thoroughfares—Interstate 580 and State Route 24—makes it a go-to neighborhood for quick and straightforward access to all of Oakland and beyond. Meanwhile, families with school-aged children can take advantage of the neighborhood’s proximity to various schools, including Glenview Elementary School, Emery High School, Hoover Elementary School, Oakland International High School, and Park Day School. Longfellow Oakland is a flourishing neighborhood that offers a fantastic living experience due to its strong sense of community spirit, parks, cultural diversity, options for public transportation, and local facilities.


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      Amenities in Longfellow, Oakland

      Residents of the lovely Longfellow neighborhood can find various services and facilities to enrich their daily lives. Although Longfellow lacks a significant business sector, it provides its unique conveniences. The Longfellow Elementary School is a landmark in the neighborhood and a vital resource for the children there. Residents can relax, hold picnics, and enjoy outdoor activities in one of the many tiny parks and green areas, such as Longfellow Park and McClymonds Mini Park. In addition, Longfellow is home to community gardens, which strengthen the neighborhood’s feeling of community while also providing people with opportunities to participate in urban agriculture. While Longfellow’s number of locally owned and operated establishments is very modest, there are still a few corner stores, boutiques, and other businesses in the area to meet the immediate requirements of the local community. Suppose you’re looking for a wider variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment opportunities. In that case, Longfellow’s closeness to surrounding districts like Temescal and Rockridge makes up for its relatively limited on-site offerings.


      Longfellow Community Association

      In 2011, local Oakland residents joined to form the Longfellow Community Association (LCA) to enhance the area around 40th Street. Through “Weedian Days,” neighbors gathered to weed the median and foster a sense of community. Over time, the LCA’s membership and mission have expanded to address many concerns within the local community. The association regularly hosts meetings featuring guest speakers who discuss important topics such as racial justice, city projects, and available resources for residents. To empower their neighbors with informed voting choices, the LCA also conducts candidate forums and provides analysis of ballot measures. You can also expect exciting annual events, including the Fall Festival & Chili Cook-off, neighborhood yard sales, and lively happy hours at local establishments that unite residents. The LCA’s projects encompass preserving the area’s history, creating striking mosaics from garbage cans, implementing drought-resistant plantings, and collaborating to enhance the beloved Linden Park. With a mission to foster a safe and welcoming neighborhood for all residents, the Longfellow Community Association remains dedicated to improving the community’s quality of life.


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