BoomTown For An Exploding Business In Real Estate?

      BoomTown Basics

      For those who don’t know, BoomTown is not a new videogame that will get you screaming from action and explosives. BoomTown is a lead-prospecting software that provides automated options for real estate professionals. And the leads BoomTown generated have given most clients the necessary boost to upscale their businesses. This automated marketing solution enables brokers and agents to keep in touch with captured leads and their current clients. Agents can then nurture prospects without manually tracking all interactions. The BoomTown technology automatically delivers notifications about listing updates so agents are updated in their respective markets. BoomTown uses powerful analytics to track interactions around the site. Its sales analytics dashboards also help brokers monitor their workforce’s progress. Users can use the tools to personalize their websites by adding features like a mortgage calculator, home value estimation, pricing history, data, and maps. It’s a flexible option if you have money to spare.


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      BoomTown Integrations

      As a company expands, so does its need for software solutions. In addition to acquiring software, they must guarantee that various systems communicate with one another. Software integrations are becoming increasingly important to promote the simple transmission of information across different systems. Employees are less likely to make mistakes while manually inputting data into many separate systems. Integrations connect systems, saving businesses time by providing a consolidated overview of operations from one base system. BoomTown offers integrations across several platforms, from e-mail automation to transaction management and anywhere in between. Here are some platforms that link up with BoomTown:

      • SISU (Gamification)
      • BombBomb (Video Marketing)
      • Brokermint (Transaction Management)
      • Call Action (Lead Conversion)
      • Dotloop (Transaction Management)
      • Google Calendar (Task Management)
      • Mojo (Dialer)
      • Realtors Property Resource (Market Data)
      • Apination (Integration Automation)
      • Spacio (Open House Management)
      • Zapier (Integration Automation)
      • Google Sheets (Integration Automation)
      • Facebook Lead Ads (Integration Automation)
      • Microsoft Excel (Integration Automation)
      • Google Forms (Integration Automation)
      • Wufoo (Integration Automation)
      • Google Contacts (Integration Automation)
      • Office 365 (Integration Automation)
      • Gravity Forms (Integration Automation)
      • Full Contact (Integration Automation)
      • Constant Contact (Integration Automation)
      • MailChimp (Integration Automation)
      • RealSynch (Integration Automation)
      • Vulcan7 (Dialer)


      BoomTown System Leads

      BoomTown provides excellent assistance and a marketing helper to educate you and your agents about using the platform. On the backend, it has a lead management system. The agent side enables agents to sign in, look at assigned leads, and engage with them. The company dashboard side gives brokers an overview of agent efficiency. BoomTown charges $1,500 monthly for up to 25 users and $35 monthly for each added user. BoomTown will also recommend using online ads. But you can also drive traffic to the platform independently if you have an existing marketing strategy. If visitors are on the platform, they will be shown a property without interruption first. But you’d need to register before viewing subsequent properties, effectively transforming them into leads. Agents can access this database, and the prioritization process can spot high-value leads. BoomTown also offers basic SEO to target keywords and has done quite well with them. But it’s primarily dependent on paid ads to produce customer leads. If you need quick leads for your real estate team, BoomTown can be a suitable solution.


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