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      Key Colony Beach is a small, close-knit community known for its reputation as “The Gem of the Florida Keys.” Many residents in this community enjoy their homes mainly during the “Snowbird Season.” Because there is only one pedestrian causeway leading onto and off Key Colony Beach, you will most likely miss this hidden island enclave if you blink while driving past Overseas Highway. Those interested in experiencing a neighborhood accessible by foot and bicycle will find the available real estate ideal. Homes for sale in Key Colony Beach, FL, are in high demand year-round since the city is known for having some of the most immaculately kept residences and being one of the few islands with a beach made of white sand. Because the majority of houses in the area are situated on canals that are one hundred feet wide, and because the private docks that come with them range in length from thirty to seventy-five feet, there is no need to make repeated trips to a marina because you will be able to access either the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico in a matter of minutes.


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      Living in Key Colony Beach, FL

      The Key Colony Beach has the famed year-round warmth of Florida Keys. Temperatures in the winter rarely drop below 70 degrees. The pleasant weather in the springtime only slightly increases on average daily highs and lows. People worldwide rush to the Keys throughout the summer to enjoy the balmy breezes and beautiful turquoise waters since the weather is highly favorable.

      Many visitors are surprised to learn that the Keys are primarily limestone islands with few sandy beaches. Key Colony Beach, Florida, real estate is worth looking at if a white sand beach is a must-have for you. Sunset Park on Key Colony Beach is famous for its stunning views of sunsets.

      Locals and tourists can take a bike ride to a game of tennis or hit the links at the Key Colony Beach Golf Course. Join the Fishing & Boating Club or Community Association if you’re looking for a place to make friends and get involved in fun community activities like the Clam Bake, KCB Christmas Boat Parade, KCB Days, Kids Fishing Tournament, and more. Key Colony Beach, Florida, is a great place to buy a home since there is so much to do!


      What To Expect When Buying a Property in Key Colony Beach

      • The most expensive single-family home ever sold in 2022 was $4,799,000.
      • In 2022, the priciest condo ever sold went for $1,225,000.
      • In 2022, a half-duplex costing the most was $1,600,000.
      • In 2022, the widest size home sold was 5,185 square feet.
      • The largest size unit sold that year was 1,901 square feet.
      • In 2022, the most affordable home sold was $845,000.
      • The most affordable 2022 condo sold for $250,000.
      • The most affordable half-duplex ever sold in 2022 went for $299,000.
      • In 2022, the smallest-size home to sell was a 1,155-square-foot dwelling.
      • A 550-square-foot condo was the smallest-sized unit sold in 2022.


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