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      The Gayles Architectural Salvage

      My 1903 South Pasadena craftsman is a real treasure. After being used for a century, the finish on one of the glass door handles was stripped, and the door became difficult to open. This door sees a lot of use as it leads to the laundry area from the kitchen. Now that it’s been ages since the peak of this masterpiece, you (or your dad) might be wondering how to fix or replace this vintage 1903 Craftsman Door Handle and make it look like new again. If you are hesitating about the price, I have a place for you! Where can I obtain a reasonably restored door handle made of old glass that dates back a century? The answer, it turns out, is as straightforward as it is elegant: Pasadena Architectural Salvage or Gayles Architectural Salvage is the perfect place to run to.


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      The Every Craftsman’s Hardware Store

      The neighborhood hardware store has everything a craftsman house from the early 1900s might require. Everything here is genuine and has been carefully stored in a different building of the same age. The helpful and knowledgeable staff genuinely wants to ensure you leave with what you came in for. I didn’t take long to stare at a container full of identical glass-handled door knobs at Pasadena Architectural Salvage.

      Ironically, when faced with dozens of possibilities, I was willing to replace my door handle with any comparable door handle. Then I became exceedingly critical, picking apart every (insignificant) detail. A well-preserved glass-handled door fixture, slightly more extensive and refined than the original, won out in the end. The door’s vintage charm was not compromised in any way.

      I brought it to the counter and introduced myself to Gayle Stoner and Wendy Chambers, the store’s co-owners. Gayle kindly gave me a tour of the shop and showed me about it, highlighting some of the more unique items and letting me peek at the area being transformed into a plumbing showroom. I appreciate Gayle and Wendy’s professionalism, kindness, and helpfulness.


      What Do Gayles Architectural Salvage Offer?

      You can find excellent examples of anything you might need for your craftsman home, including doors (both interior and exterior), window frames, stained glass pieces, vintage sinks, clawfoot tubs, period toilets, lighting fixtures of every description, from modest period glass fixtures to oversized industrial lights, and hardware galore. I could have spent hours browsing the store’s shelves and racks for unique finds. It’s like having a piece of art from the Craftsman era in your home; it serves a practical purpose and offers joy to everyone who views it.

      As a tip, make sure that you only take with you a specific amount of the things that you will buy because, for sure, when you see the stuff for sale in Gayles Architectural Salvage, you will want to buy as many as your eyes will see, and as many as you can.

      I thank Gayle, Wendy, and their other employees for managing an enjoyable afternoon at Pasadena Architectural Salvage. If you are interested in coming, please take note of the following information:


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