Bouncelandia Okoboji

      Bouncelandia Okoboji: Fun With Fantasy And Food

      Okoboji may not be well-known for entertainment other than the fun you get out of the water sports. That’s a common notion because of the nearby lakes. But there’s another popular attraction we should be talking about, Bouncelandia. No, it’s not some gateway to a magical world like Narnia, but it might as well be. Bouncelandia Okoboji is an entertainment establishment that features a vibrant playground filled with inflatables. The whole area spans over 13,000 sqft. Bouncelandia’s crown jewel is the world’s largest bounce house. There are other activities you can do here. You can sweat at the 1,000-foot-long obstacle course and burn even more calories. But if you’re just down to have a good time, you and your friends can play twister board or go ax-throwing. If the summer heat gets to you, grab a few refreshments from the concession stands or dip in the pool to cool down.


      Featured image for Bouncelandia Okoboji
      Credit: Image by Sir Manuel | Unsplash


      Virtual reality In Okoboji’s Bouncelandia

      It’s hard to think about Okoboji as anything other than natural landscapes. But Bouncelandia is ready to challenge that thought. For the summer of 2023, virtual reality games will be added to their mix of activities. We’ve listed the set of games they’ll offer this season.

      • Arrowsong: Go on an archery mission against orcs and goblins to keep the peace in the fairy realm. Play for ten minutes with a team of up to four players with cooperative gameplay.
      • Cyber Shock: Be amazed at futuristic graphics while playing this arcade shooter. Take your reflexes for a spin while you dodge and destroy the enemy and take down a virus simultaneously. This VR game features bullets, laser guns, and firewalls.
      • Dead Ahead: Who cares about clichès? Play another apocalyptic game where you battle it out with zombies. Pressure will build as each wave of these mindless creatures attack faster and faster. Survive the and celebrate a heart-pounding victory.
      • Quantum Arena: Level up laser tag with this virtual reality game. Experience elevated gameplay with dynamic arenas.

      Bouncelandia Okoboji opens on May 20, 2023. Don’t miss out on the fun, and grab your tickets today.


      Bouncelandia Concession Stands in Okoboji

      Bouncelandia Okoboji experiences heavy foot traffic whenever they open its doors to visitors. But spending time at an entertainment facility can be exhausting, especially on hot summer days. So the organizers ensure they have enough food and drinks every year. These treats come from local businesses looking to capitalize on Bouncelandia’s popularity. But who’s complaining? These businesses offer kid-friendly food options and adult-oriented drinks. So everybody can relax in between the fun. Visitors can purchase delicious options made by Pasquale’s Pizza and buy drinks from West O Beer and Cutwater Spirits. We’ve compiled a list of food at concession stands for the 2023 run of Bouncelandia.


      • Hotdog
      • Pretzel W/Cheese
      • Snacks
      • Chips
      • Candy
      • Popcorn
      • Drinks Water
      • Powerade/Soda
      • Slushie (Blue Raz/Straw)

      Ice Cream

      • Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich
      • Orange Sherbert Cool Tube
      • Jolly Rancher Cool Tube
      • Strawberry Sundae Chocolate Brownie Sundae
      • Cookie N Fudge Sundae
      • Big Bopper Sandwich
      • Champ Cone Vanilla
      • Choc Vanilla Cone Twist
      • Twin Popsicle
      • Flavor Ice Bars


      • Smoked Red
      • Bahia
      • Raspberry Shandy Lake Beast
      • Lemon (Strawberry) Shandy Grapefruit Shandy Truly Seltzer Bud Light
      • Busch Light

      Cocktails and Wine

      • Bloody Mary
      • Margarita (Mango)
      • Moscow Mule
      • San Diego
      • California
      • White Russian
      • Chardonnay


      If you’re not too keen on visiting amusement parks, there are other venues you can visit for various activities. Click the following link and see what Okoboji has for you: